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We introduced the W2324 phase shifter at the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier this year and since then the 500-series module has been very well received by the studio scene and the press. We are very excited about the incredibly positive response from users and reviewers. Please enjoy this selection of some of the highlights from the past months!
Roger Schult
Roger Schult
W2324 phase shifter at sammy deluxe's studio
Sammy Deluxe's studio
Tight bass down to the lowest lows is a necessity for hip hop and so it's no surprise that a pair of our W2324 phase shifter now take care of optimizing the phase relationship of the sub-woofer channels at German rap artist Sammy Deluxe's production space. The legendary studio, formerly known as Karo Studio, in a suburb of Hamburg has previously spawned records by Motörhead, Blind Guardian and Jimi Hendrix. Pictured above is the classic console owned by the Bee Gees with a lunchbox housing the Roger Schult modules on top.

For Sammy there's no doubt: "Yeah, the old 70ies Karo Studio is now a German hip hop reference! Motörhead back then, phattest bass now!!"

Guido Apke of Apke Tontechnik was responsible for carrying out the installation at the studio.

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W2324 phase shifter review in professional audio
Professional Audio review
Editor Igl Schönwitz of German Professional Audio magazine put the W2324 phase shifter to the test and sums it up with a convincing conclusion:

"Roger Schult's W2324 phase shifter is a prime example of the art of German engineering from a boutique manufacturer. This exquisitely crafted unit with an innovative design concept provides a continuous phase control with unparalleled precision. This opens to the door for unexpected creative possibilities beyond the usual phase correction applications - extensive experimenting highly recommended!"

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studio magazin reviews roger schult products
Studio Magazin reviews
The German Studio Magazin has featured several Roger Schult products during recent months. Already in May, author Jürgen Wirtz reviewed the W2395 studio tone shaper.

He concludes: "The W2395 provides all the essential tools of a 3-band equalizer to process individual signals. Consequently, it can expand your favorite microphone preamp to become a high quality channel strip that allows printing polished recordings to disk right away."

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This review was followed up in June by the third installment on the subject of "power supply of audio equipment" by Friedemann Kootz. Roger Schult's N2310 power supply celebrated its public debut in this article and proved itself as "an equal if not better alternative to the old, linear API L200 power supply."

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