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Excerpt: Customer reviews on Plugin Alliance for Neold V76U73
Customer Reviews

" ***** Golding holy grail by VIP sound technology institute of Dartmouth January 10, 2021
"This thing cuts through the beef like it's butter one of the sharpest knifes in the kitchen so be careful with it."

***** Daaaaaaamn. by The Pooh January 6, 2021
"What bit of sorcery is this?", he shouts as the track suddenly pops out of the mix like an exploding firecracker on an infinite loop... "This thing is crazy", he gasps. "How does one tame a beast of this magnitude?!" Then without thinking, he reaches for the mix knob and slowly the firecracker fades and all is again well. Seriously, this thing has to be possessed because it just makes everything sound so damn good... thank you for the killer plug, gotta get back to taming this beast."

***** Must have by TonVE December 20, 2020
"This is a must have secret weapon. In time you learn when and how to use it. Cant do without this anymore!"

***** NeOld by Phil 21 December 11, 2020
"Listen, I've got plugins, how many ??????? This one , I tell you, don't know what to say...my best?? My second best?.. Certainly no productions without this anymore. And No tweaking for 25 min.!! Too obvious.. Th"

***** This is really good by J Mo November 7, 2020
"This isn't just the best "instant vibe" channel strip at Plugin Alliance. It's the best "instant vibe" plugin I've ever used (and I've used a lot of them). It's just one of those plugins that really, truly, actually makes anything running through it sound like it's going through a piece of (very well maintained) vintage analog gear. If you passed on this because of a lack of features (just High & Low pass filters and rudimentary compressor), demo it. You'll be floored. I'm using more instances of this plugin than any other plug I own (and I own a lot) and my mixing sessions are just easier with this thing engaged. It just makes stuff sound like it was mixed at Sound City in the 70's."

(...) "
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