Universal amplifier module V2350 api® 500 system

Universal amplifier module V2350 api® 500 system

V2350 functions
• 11 step mode switch to select the source and adjust the impedance
• 41 step switch with ¼ dB resolution
• Impedance potentiometer for optimal adjustment of signal sources
• Backlit range switch to increase the impedance adjustment
• Phono preamplifier with RIAA-characteristics
• Backlit change-over switch for MM and MC

The amplifying modul V2350 is equipped with three input sections and works as an universal interface for standardised and not standardised studio levels. Balanced and/or unbalanced signal sources and output impedances can be adjusted to studio level. Furthermore a high-class phono preamplifier with RIAA-characteristics is integrated to take actual demands into account.

To provide fast and comfortable work in every studio environment the V2350 is equipped with a central mode switch, with which the source selection as wells as the amplification in steps of 10 dB can be adjusted. With the separate level control an additional fine adjustement within these 10 dB steps can be made in ¼ steps.

The V2350 module is matched with the api® 500 series and can be integrated in any configuration in every api® environment.

First-class ALPS® potentiometer and ELMA® switches guarantee a long, trouble-free operation, even if they are used continuously. To adapt the V2350 to different studio environments a level adjustment can be done with a variable resistor on the printboard.

High-class gain amplifier for balanced and unbalanced signal sources with standardised and not standardised levels, balancing amplifier (DI Box) for music instruments, amplifier for audio signal processing with the transfer over long cable length, preamplifier with RIAA-characteristics for phono recording

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