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V2359j - everything but not just a microphone amplifier (api 500 ® - System)
News from the lab: an amplifier for ribbon microphones. Additional to the mic preamp with gain from 26 to 59 dB, three filters allow the tonal influence of the signal. High frequency shelf with +/-12 dB @ 5 kHz and a low cut filter with a maximum range of -17 dB@ 20 Hz. Furthermore a -15 dB pad can be activated. Further information will follow soon. Meanwhile feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Talk with Roger Schult about the new V2359j amp4ribbon microphone amplifier and more. Check out these unique German made devices presented by RedStone Productions .
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W2344 MK2 RS-MATRIX - Extended stereo image processing system
The W2344 is designed by the RS-Laboratory to process audio material in stereo and M/S mastering environments. With two flexible inserts external signal processors can be integrated in the the stereo chain as well as in the M/S signal path. The integrated switch matrix of both inserts, featuring a pre/post and an on/off function, and the flip function between insert 1 and insert 2 allow an immediate evaluation of the M/S and the stereo processing with or without the external signal processors.     Further information...
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roger schult's first plugin MAAT RSPhaseShifter W2324 has been realized by MAAT Inc.
roger schult and the MAAT Inc. development team have meticulously extracted the DNA of the W2324 phase shifter hardware and created a unique digital model. The developers of MAAT Inc. consciously renounced classical modeling technology in order to exploit the full range of digital possibilities. Furthermore the digital version of the W2324 has been extended by some functions.
>>> W2324 RSPaseShifter on MAAT <<<

Plattformen MacOS ab 10.8 => VST2, VST3, AAX, AU | Windows ab 7 => VST2, VST3, AAX

MAAT RSPhaseShifter W2324 plug-in awarded in "Professional Audio" issue 12/2017 (German audio magazine) "Top class - very good"
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W2324 phase shifter (api 500 ® - System)
The W2324 is a high-precision tool to solve phase problems in sound recording and playback applications. The W2324 phase shifter is the ultimate tool to hone in and correct those phase problems with unheard-of accuracy and sound quality. Alternatively, experienced engineers will appreciate the creative sound design possibilities offered by the module. Furthermore, the W2324 can be used in the subwoofer path of any playback system to optimize the low-frequency response and remedy room mode issues thanks to the continuously adjustable phase angle.
Within the selectable frequency range of 23 Hz to 1.57 kHz any frequency build-ups or cancellations due to the time delay between two sources or (when used in the playback path) due to problematic room acoustics can be addressed by shifting of the phase. Simply select the desired frequency range with the 11-position rotary switch and correct the level and phase.     Further information...
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W2395 Studio Tone Shaper (api 500 ® - System)
The W2395 Studio Tone Shaper is a highly flexible three-band equalizer that is well suited for a wide range of creative and corrective applications. The unique combination of the broad stroke Baxandall bands and the parametric filter capabilities provides an extraordinarily effective toolkit for handling any program material. Made in Germany.     Further information...
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Vintage 3-Band EQ W2395c (api 500 ® - System)
The W2395c equalizer offers versatile sound shaping possibilities for the most diverse program material. The unit provides active Baxandall tone controls for treble and bass as well as a semi-parametric mid band filter. Both gain controls of the Baxandall bands are set up as faders and allow level adjustments between +/- 12 dB per band. Due to the circuit design, the high and low bands may influence each other by up to 4 dB depending on the gain setting within each band. Two three-position toggle switches allow setting the shoulder frequencies of the low and high bands to 80 Hz or 110 Hz, and 2 kHz or 5 kHz respectively. The center position of each switch marks the "off" position and may be used to disengage the filter band without adjusting the gain control.     Further information...
Made in Germany.

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