W2395 Studio Tone Shaper (api 500 ® - system)

W2395 filter features

high band active Baxandall tone control
• selectable shoulder frequencies: 1.9 kHz, 3.6 kHz, and 6.3 kHz
• gain control via 30 mm fader with +/- 12 dB range

mid band semi-parametric filter
• continuously variable filter between 155 Hz and 3500 Hz
• gain control via rotary potentiometer with +/- 10 dB range

low band active Baxandall tone control
• selectable shoulder frequencies: 45 Hz, 66 Hz, and 90 Hz
• gain control via 30 mm fader with +/- 12 dB range

The W2395 Studio Tone Shaper is a highly flexible three-band equalizer that is well suited for a wide range of creative and corrective applications. The unique combination of the broad stroke Baxandall bands and the parametric filter capabilities provides an extraordinarily effective toolkit for handling any program material. The
Baxandall bands were designed to give tonal control of the extremes of the audio spectrum, while the parametric filter allows surgical corrections in the mid band.

The Baxandall tone controls feature fader gain controls offering up to +/- 12 dB of level changes. Due to the circuit design, the high and low bands may influence each other by up to 2 dB depending on the gain setting within each band. Three-position toggle switches allow setting the shoulder frequency of the filter to 45 Hz, 66 Hz, or 90 Hz in the low band, and 1.9 kHz, 3.6 kHz, or 6.3 kHz in the high band.

The semi-parametric mid band filter was taken from Roger Schult's renowned UF1 filter and provides a continuously variable center frequency between 155 Hz and 3.5 kHz with up to +/- 10 dB of gain. A three-position toggle switch allows setting the q-factor of the bell filter to narrow (Q = 1.5), medium (Q = 0.7), and wide (Q = 0.4). The illuminated on-switch allows easy and fast A/B comparisons between the unprocessed original signal and the processed path via noise-free bypass switches.

As all Roger Schult products, the W2395 is hand-crafted and precision-engineered in Germany.

Easy to use Baxandall shelving filters for high and low frequencies, and a semi-parametric mid band EQ for musical tone control. Ideally suited for recording, mixing, and mastering applications.

Requires a compatible api 500 ® format rack or console for operation.

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