V2359j amp4ribbon microphone preamp api ® 500 System

Universal amplifier module V2359j api® 500 system

V2359j amp4ribbon functions

V - Basic gain 26 dB - 59 dB
pad -15dB - Pre-damping -15 dB can be activated by means of a pressure switch
Z - Impedance matching from 150 ohms to 22 kOhms
LF - Low frequency equalization / high pass filter 0 to -17 dB control range at 20 Hz
MF - Mid frequency 155 Hz - 3.5 kHz, +/- 10 dB
Q - Q-factor control of mid band filter via three-position switch 1.5/0.4 fixed and 1.5-3.5 adjustable
HF - High frequency equalization through Baxandall tone control +/- 12 dB at 9 kHz
bypass filter - Deactivation of the filter functions by means of a pressure switch
+48 V - phantom power switchable by means of pressure switch (deactivates impedance controller)
• all parameters except the Q-factor can be infinitely adjusted

The V2359j ribbon microphone amplifier allows the universal adaptation of passive transducers (ribbon-, plunger coil-, coal-, piezo-, crystal-microphone) to the program material and the recording situation. With a continuously adjustable preamplification in the range of 26 dB to 59 dB and a switchable attenuation (-15 dB pad) the development of exotic transducers was also taken into account.

Also, the value range for adjustment by the impedance potentiometer (Z) was created generously from 150 ohms to 22 kOhms to optimize the linear transfer function by changing the load impedance, or as a creative tool by mismatching, to change the frequency response.

The tonal adjustment for the treble range takes place via a Baxandall filter, in the mids through a quasi-parametric equalizer and at low frequencies by means of a high-pass filter. All filter parameters can be changed continuously, ie infinitely variable. In order to be able to check the effect of the set filters an illuminated push switch (bypass filter) is available.

A switchable +48 V phantom power is integrated for the use of microphones with remote power supply.

The V2359j can be installed in any api 500® environment. High-quality ALPHA ® potentiometers / faders and illuminated push switches from eao ® as well as the gold-plated connection strip guarantee long and trouble-free operation in continuous use.

Microphone preamplifier with three integrated filters, variable adaptation of passive transducers (ribbon, plunger coil, coal, piezo, crystal microphone) to the program material, reduction and/or accentuation of disturbing/desired frequencies

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