W2393 TiltBaxxEQ (api 500 ® - system) , product launch 2022

W2393 TiltBaxxEQ functions

TiltBaxxEQ - Niveau - Filter
• tilt angle - pot with 5 dB range
• tilt frequency - 3 frequencies - 500, 700 or 1100 Hz
• gain-pot with +/- 5 dB range

TiltBaxxEQ - Classic baxandall filter
• HF - high frequency adjustable via fader +/- 12 dB range
• 2 kHz, 5 kHz - selectable frequency ranges for the high frequency band
• LF - low frequency adjustable via fader +/- 12 dB range
• 80 Hz, 110 Hz - selectable frequency ranges for the low frequency band

• byp. - separate bypass for treble and bass
• on - bypass for the whole module

The TiltBaxxEQ W2393 in 500 format offers a wide range of options for tonally influence to any audio signal with just a few tone controls. The Ti-EQ determines the sound spectrum around a selected center frequency by the use of a Niveau Filter, and the Baxandall tone control adjusts the distribution of the low and high frequencies. Together, these filters provide a powerful tool to quickly and effectively manipulate the sound spectrum.

This sound balance "Ti" changes the distribution of bass and treble simultaneously, but in opposite directions, by up to 5 dB around a switchable mid-frequency (500, 700 or 1100 Hz). This filter function is also called tone scale or niveau filter. A gain control with a range of +/- 5 dB was added to the filter for level adjustment.

The two Baxandall tone controls were equipped with fader controls and allow a level change of +/- 12 dB per band. The frequency rang can be switched from 80 Hz to 110 Hz for the low band and from 2 kHz to 5 kHz for the high band, using two three-stage toggle switches. The middle position of the toggle switch deactivates (bypass) the respective filter and also serves to check the set filter effect.

Due to the circuit design, the high and low bands may influence each other by up to 4 dB depending on the setting of the Baxandall tone controls. The "on" switch can be used to immediately check the effectiveness of all settings. This illuminated pressure switch bypasses the entire circuit via a relay (hard bypass) without annoying background noise. An illuminated "on"-switch allows removing the EQ from the signal path by means of a high-quality relay ("hard bypass").

As all Roger Schult products, the W2393 TiltBaxxEQ is hand-crafted and precision-engineered in Germany.

How does it work
The "tilt angle" control tilts the frequency of the audio signal by simultaneously boosting the bass and cutting the treble frequencies, or vice versa. This module requires a compatible api 500 ® format rack or console for operation.

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