Dual low-cut filter TS2340

TS2340 Functions
• Separate or combined frequency adjustment for both channels
• Two separate filters for each channel with 36dB and 12dB
• Frequency switch with with fine resolution for both filters (range: 28Hz - 34Hz)
• Tap changing switches for reproducible adjustments
• Illuminated switch to bypass the unit without undesired effects
• Interruption-free bypass in case of power failure
• Absolute phase synchronization for the processing of stereo signals

The SEISMO is a two channel, active dual highpass filter that effectively eliminates  interfering infrasonic noise. Thus it provides a clean and punchy sound in the bass range. Concurrently it expands the available headroom and is therefore the ideal tool for the final processing of complex musical material.

The active high-pass filter TS2324 is able to eliminate the lowest interfering frequencies of the tone spectrum. By cascading two independent filters with 36dB and 12dB it effectively removes undesirable low frequencies in the range of 28Hz to 34Hz with an edge steepness of 48dB/octave. The high edge steepness assures an exceptional accuracy for the definition of the cut-off frequency. In addition to the serial linking of both filters they can be used individually to process different frequencies on both channels, which allows even more flexible adjustments of the sound. Tap changing switches guarantee a reproduction of all settings on the unit and a true-bypass switch removes the TS2324 from the signal chain without undesired side effects.

Narrow component tolerances of the selected material as well as a high-precision calibration minimizes time differences and the phase offset between both channels. Thus the SEISMO is especially applicable for an exact processing of stereo signals, which predestinates it for mastering environments.

Infrasonic-filter for the production of record matrices, DMM recording, footfall sound filter for microphones, highpass filter for A/D-converters, maximisation of the level particularly in the bass range for mastering