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exhibit - 30. TMT November 2018
14.-17. November in Cologne
CCN 1. OG, (Congress-Centrum Nord)
Stand B35

exhibit - 03.+04.11.18 Analog Forum Krefeld roger schult german audio lab - Demonstration within the Analogue Audio Association at Analog Forums in Krefeld
Demonstration within the Analogue Audio Association at Analog Forum in Krefeld

exhibit - Demostudio for 500 modules
For appointment please contact
Dirk Wannemacher, Musik & Sound ...

exhibit - 18 @ FEZ Berlin
03.-05. Mai 2018 SUPERBOOTH18 @ FEZ Berlin
FEZ 2nd floor, stand o371

exhibit - Frankfurt 2018
11.-14. April 2018, Halle 4.1, Stand C12


report - 12/2017 MAAT RSPhaseShifter Test
With an overall rating of "top class - very good", the W2324 RSPhaseShifter plug-in from MAAT was tested in professional audio issue 12/17. The software can be obtained from MAAT and Plugin-Boutique, where a free trial version is available.
>>> test report (German only)

exhibit - 10.+11.11. Monitoring Days 2017
Studio outfitter Igl Schönwitz is organizing a high-profile workshop with loudspeakers from the manufacturers KS digital, PMC, Kii Audio and Valeur Audio. The digital CONEQ system (Real Sound Lab) and the analog COSINUS (roger schult german audio lab, Markus Bertram, mbakustik) are used for room correction. The representatives of the participating manufacturers (...) More information..

exhibit - 21.+22.10.17 Analog Forum Krefeld Demonstration within the Analogue Audio Association: COSINUS, various RS-Preamps and phase shifter W2324 via Sperling Laufwerk L1 and valeuraudio active loudspeakers
Demonstration within the Analogue Audio Association: COSINUS, various RS-Preamps and phase shifter W2324 via Sperling Laufwerk L1 and valeuraudio active loudspeakers

video - 09/2017 Mondstein Records (DE)
German video by Mondstein Records:
Phase correction with MAAT RSPhaseShifter
Thom Wettstein ( Mondstein Records )

release - 08/2017 W2324 plug-in
roger schult and the MAAT Inc. development team have meticulously extracted the W2324 phase shifter's DNA and released the MAAT RSPhaseShifter plug-in (...) Further information..

Use case 1: MAAT's Roger Schult RSPhaseShifter - aligning bass DI & reamping track

Use case 2: MAATs Roger Schult RSPhaseShifter - Rescue an Acoustic Guitar Recording

+++ COSINUS at Stockfish Records
COSINUS installation at Pauler Acoustics, Stockfish Records

+++ Further information about Roger Schult at Musikmesse Frankfurt 05.-08.04.2017 05.-08.04.2017
-RS News @ Musikmesse Frankfurt, 5. - 8. April


+++ Editors Choice Award 2016 for W2324
Among the product highlights in 2016, the W2324 phase shifter received Professional Audio's in-house Editors Choice Award 2016.
>> show content (german only)

+++ World's novelty COSINUS 11/2016
roger schult german audio lab and mbakustik developed this unique analogue special filter
( Video Sound & Recording (german only) )

+++ 29. Tonmeistertagung November 2016
17.-20. November in Cologne
CCN 1. OG (Congress-Centrum Nord )

+++ Patrice zu Gast im RS Labor
Patrice mit neuem Album "Life's Blood" (Vinyl) listen to it on this (...) record player that only Roger has - just like many other things that only Roger has..

Posted by Patrice on Monday, October 24, 2016

" listen to it on this (...) record player that only Roger has - just like many other things that only Roger has.." Patrice

+++ W2395 and W2395c on September 2016
New Joachim Witt album "Thron" has been produced and recorded by Bassel Hallak using both filter modules.

+++ W2324 phase shifter Test Juli 2016
Professional Audio - E-Paper (German only)
Edition 07/2016

+++ N2310 power supply June 2016
Comparative test in studio magazin
Edition 5/2016

+++ W2395 Test May 2016
studio magazin (download ~2 MB, German only)
Edition 4/2016

+++ Patrice visiting RS Labor
Patrice with new album "Life's Blood" (Vinyl)

" listen to it on this (...) record player that only Roger has - just like many other things that only Roger has.." Patrice

+++ Martin Werner about W2395c

"One of the best EQs for drum recordings and more.

Simple handling and great sound result for best price. This tool rocks. :-)"

Martin Werner, Goldsoundmusic

+++ Musikmesse Frankfurt 2016
07.-10. April 2016, Halle 9.1, Stand F33

+++ RS on Gearslutz January 2016
Roger Schult filter list on Gearslutz


+++ Funkschau December 2015
Latest news from the Roger Schult Lab

+++ "Easy. Good. Simply good!"
W2395c review on Bonedo,
German musicians portal

+++ Funkschau September 2015
Latest news from the Roger Schult Lab

+++ Nick Mitchell about W2395c:

"(...) but the midrange on the RSW2395c combined with these choices proved to be a winner. Retro' doesn't always mean lo-fi and lack of headroom - as Roger Schult has proven in previous designs, and no more clearly than here.."
Read review on KMR Audio...

+++ 2015 Introducing: The world's biggest lunchbox

What sounds like an April Fool's joke is really something very special: Roger Schult will present the world's biggest lunchbox at Musikmesse. Find out what it's all about at the Roger Schult booth C62 in hall 5.1.

+++ 2015 April 15 to 18 Musikmesse Frankfurt Hall 5.1 C62


+++ November - 20 to 23, 28th VDT International Convention in Cologne
28th VDT International Convention 2014 in Cologne, TMT 28, Tonmeistertagung

+++ November 19. 2014
New RS module W2389f M/S Master junior has just been finished for upcoming TMT 28,
VDT International Convention..

W2389f M/S Master junior

+++ Juli - W2395c api® 500 filter module on Front End Audio
Alan Moon (Front End Audio) on Youtube about Roger Schult's filter module W2395c

Alan Moon showing W2395c

+++ March - Musikmesse 2014 - Roger Schult News
Filter module W2395c, video on Youtube

R. Schult and W2395c on

+++ March - 12 to 15, Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014
Location 5.1 A81 ( further information )

+++ February - RS Laboratory News: tone control module W2395c
Introduction of RS filter module W2395c at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt


+++ August - Audio Days 2013 update - video
Teaser - Audio Days by Hors Phase - Roger Schult and W2377 filter module

Tom VDH w. R. Schult and W2377 @Audio Days

+++ April - Audio Days 2013 update - pictures
Audio Days pictures@facebook

+++ April - 15 to 16, Audio Days 2013 Paris
@ Studio de la Grande Arme

+++ April - 10 to 13, Musikmesse Frankfurt, 2013
Location 5.1 A81

+++ February - Japan, Kimken Studio
Installation of UF1 in Tokyo


+++ November - 22 to 25, 27th VDT International Convention in Cologne
Congress Centrum Nord Cologne Exhibition Center, EG booth 0-24: Masteringworks
( 27th VDT International Convention 2012 in Cologne )

+++ August - W2377-bp ( black panel )
W2377-bp with black anodized panel, engraved label and red pointer knobs

( W2377-bp )

+++ June - Product review in TAPE OP, UK
Roger Schult W2377 Six-Pack EQ
( Review by Marc Alan Goodman )

+++ June - Philip Opdebeeck about UF2:
"My Roger Schult UF2 Custom: EQ heaven, custom made and custom power supplies, needle sharp to horizon broad Q's, 2 x full parametric 5 band hi-end filters. What can I say? Simply great!"

UF2 @ Little Major Audio Mastering, Antwerpen

+++ April - SOS product review
Article preview: Roger Schult W2377 Mastering EQ System For API Lunchbox
( tested by Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound )

+++ March - Doctors in
W2377 video on, Musikmesse 2012 in Frankfurt

+++ March - 21 to 24, Musikmesse Frankfurt, 2012
Location 5.1 Stand A80 + A81 ( further information )


+++ October - 20 to 23, AES New York City
W2377 filter modules on Fab Duponts Puremix

Trailer with Fab Dupont and W2377 filter triple

+++ April - fair news: introduction of line amplifier V2350
Key points of V2350 presented by Stefan Heger, Masteringworks
( Video on Bonedo, live at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt )

+++ April - 6 to 9, Musikmesse Frankfurt
Location 5.1 Stand A81 ( further information )

+++ March - W2377 filter video introduction
Roger Schult introduces W2377 filter modules on Youtube

W2377 Video online auf Youtube

+++ March - New York City, FLUX Studios
Workshop on March 18th, 5-9pm with W2377 filter a.o.

+++ January - recording engineer Dominique Klatte uses UF1
(Mastering and Recording, ARD.ZDF medienakademie Nürnberg)


Erwin Strich introducing W2377 filter triple at SAE ALUMNI CONVENTION in Berlin..

UF1 on Youtube

+++ September - video introduction of universal filter UF1
UF1 Video online on Youtube

+++ August - resolution magazine
The complete guide to modular processing options
api® 500 and compatible modules ( download test report )

+++ July - test report in Xound drei Engel für Charlys Mix
German test report by Hagü Schmitz about the W2377 filters..
( download test report W2377 - german )

+++ July - Flux Studios, MANHATTAN
Two months after development the new W2377 api® filter modules are tested by Fab Dupont.
In an interview with Janice Brown of sonicscoop, Fab Dupont talks about the advantages of the W2377 filters and compares them to the GML9500 by George Massenburg Labs.
( download test report - sonicscoop )

+++ June - World-Cup 2010, VUVUZELA-Killer
Roger Schult's Filters UF1 and W2377 will remove
those nasty Vuvuzela-Sounds from any audio-program

+++ May - AES in London
Roger Schult presents the new W2377 filters as api® modules in London. Sunday after the AES, the three W2377 filters were uncovered at a gearslutz party and got introduced to a larger audience within a workshop at Funky Junk Ltd the next day.

+++ April - Installing UF1 at Fisheye Music
(Patrice, UNHEILIG, GENTLEMAN, Gregor Meyle, heavytones...)

+++ April - MasteringWorks, Cologne
Demonstration of UF1 is possible at MasteringWorks
Please request appointments at

+++ March - Frankfurt
RS will present Universalfilter UF1 at musikmesse Frankfurt
Hall 5.1 Stand D86


+++ November - mastering filter presentation, Erftstadt
RS presented MS-Mastering Filter

+++ September - Hamburg
RS presented Universalfilter UF1 and the Low-Cut Filter TS230X at hi-endgear

+++ August - Erftstadt
RS has finished the development of the Low-Cut Filter TS230X for vinyl cut.

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