W2389f M/S-Master junior (api 500 ® system)     ( Build-to-order )

M/S Matrix W2389f

W2389f features
• Conversion of stereo signals into the M/S format and back
• Isolates the mid- and side components of a stereo signal for individual processing
• Universal concept for a wide range of applications
• Balanced, high-headroom insert points
• Low impedance send appropriate for low-Z devices
• High-grade, mastering quality signal path
• Bypass switch for convenient A/B checking
• Allows both M/S and conventional L/R processing
• Extremely compact form factor for api 500 ® compatible racks and consoles

The analog precision M/S matrix W2389f by Roger Schult provides access to the mid- and side components of a stereo signal opening doors to many unique signal processing and sound shaping opportunities in mixing and mastering. The integrated double conversion matrix from L/R to M/S back to L/R makes this unit particularly convenient as it can be inserted into any stereo signal path.

The incoming L/R signal is split up into its mid- and side components via a high precision analog matrix, which then provides a low impedance send output for external processing devices such as EQs or compressors. The processed signal is then fed back into the return input of the W2389f, which can accommodate signals from high impedance vintage effects, and converted back into a L/R stereo signal. Optionally, the M/S insert point can be switched to conventional L/R-mode operation if desired.

To allow convenient and fast A/B comparisons between the unprocessed original signal and the processed path the W2389f provides noise-free bypass switches. In M/S mode these are unlinked offering control of the individual channels, while in L/R mode they are automatically linked. If converting the signal back into a L/R stereo format is not desired, the unit can also be utilized as a double M/S converter. Combining this compact precision matrix with external outboard processors creates a versatile tool for a wide range of recording, mixing, and mastering applications.

As all Roger Schult products, the W2389f is hand-crafted and precision-engineered in Germany.

individual control of mid- and side components via external signal processors such as EQs, dynamics, and other effects, conventional processing in L/R-mode, stereo width processing from mono to super-wide stereo, rebalancing the balance of ambience/reverb to soloist levels, conversion from L/R to M/S and vice versa, double M/S conversion